Design Process - Team Rwanda Collabration

We were honored to work with Richmond Cycling Corps (RCC) again on a special collaboration with Team Rwanda. RCC was asked by Team Rwanda to create a t-shirt to promote the film Rising from Ashes -- a feature length documentary about Team Rwanda. Three teens: Kadasjah Whitehurst, Regina Miles and Diamond Womack were inspired by the project and began sketching. Within minutes the initial concept was there - a bicycle created from the word Team. Below is a inside look at the design process.

The original line drawing shown above was photographed and traced in illustrator. During Diamond's research of the project she began to write down words and phrases of her feelings and thoughts while watching the Rising from Ashes official trailer. These words and phrases were applied to the wheels of the bicycle for movement and an added touch.

An inside view of the creative process of how the Team is Team logo was born.

The girls at work at Richmond Cycling Corps

The final product. T-shirts can be purchased at any Rising from Ashes screening or contact us.

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