About Cutaway Felt p/b Angus Dentistry

Cutaway-Felt presented by Angus Dentistry is USA Cycling-licensed elite amateur road cycling team. The team's 7-person roster includes the successful riders in the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition to racing achievements, each rider on the team has demonstrated commitment to junior development in the region. These efforts include the creation and management of Charlottesville Bike Camp, orchestration and management of Virginia's first interscholastic mountain bike series (VAHS MTB Series), and work with Richmond Cycling Corps. In short, Cutaway-Felt riders' contributions to the sport and the community go far beyond the races in which they compete. Cutaway-3Sports p/b Angus Dentistry competes in a variety of races in the Mid-Atlantic as well as National Racing Calendar (NRC) Professional Races from February through October. With attention to detail in clothing, equipment, and team vehicles, Cutaway-Felt p/b Angus Dentistry is highly visible and recognizable before, during and after events. Always consummate professionals, riders arrive early to events and stay late afterwards to promote sponsors' products and services.

Partnering with Cutaway Felt p/b Angus Dentistry

Team partners are an integral part of the success of the team. All contributions made by partners go directly to race-entry fees for riders. In return, depending on level of involvement partners receive the following:

  • Logo placement on Team Kits and Team Vehicle
  • Recognition and description on Team Website and Facebook
  • Bi-monthly Race Reports, photos, and rider diaries
  • Partner may request team's presence for company events, including having riders help partner's employees learn about the sport of cycling and its health benefits
  • Framed Team Jersey
  • Riders will serve as Cutaway Ambassadors for Partner's products and services in the region